25 November 2011

For the love of socks...

I've just finished my first pair of socks! All I can say is I feel a mixture of relief, satisfaction and disappointment.

Being a sock virgin I found the pattern difficult to understand! (As it happens the general construction of the sock is fairly straight forward once you've done it once). I must say a big thanks to Ellen at Stitch and Bitch who provided advice in times of need. After much frustration I completed the first sock with a smile on my face. I smiled at it with a smug grin and tilted my head from side to side while I admired the hours of work I had devoted to the project. I quickly decided that the yarn wasn't the best choice for the pattern. I feel that the yarn is too colourful for this project as it over powers the intricate detail.
I put those thoughts to the back of my mind and excitedly cast on the next sock. Almost instantly I hit the 6ft high brick wall known as 'second sock syndrome'. I couldn't convince myself to complete the whole pattern again. I dragged myself through it like wading through mud!

I found the yarn lovely to work with but this project has definitely made me realise I prefer to work with thicker yarn: I find it easier on the hands. I remember the moments I resembled a pit pony the way I was squinting so hard just to see what I was doing.

All in all I don't think I will be rushing to complete another pair of socks! I don't want to put anyone off trying: loads of people seem to get hooked them. Personally I'm not sure the frustration (and bald patches I now have) are worth the result. In my opinion input doesn't equal output on this project. It may be school boy error of wrong yarn and difficult pattern for my first socks.

Time is  healer; never say never.....

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