12 January 2012

Thumbs up for Woolly Wormhead



If you've been wondering how to keep your head warm this winter look no further. Not only do knitted hats keep your head warm, they give each person a chance express their personality.
These little beauties are all designed by Woolly Wormhead. 
Woolly Wormhead has a wealth of experience in knitting and started from an early age. She has completed a Textile degree in London and is qualified as an art teacher. She has a keen interest in 3 dimensional textiles which is apparent in some of the lovely hats she had produced.
Some of her patterns are technically interesting using a 'sideways' construction (Book: 'Going Straight'). You will find patterns for all ages and genders so what are you waiting for!
Take a look at her website which includes gorgeous pictures to show off her work.

The only questions is which pattern do I start first...!