25 July 2012

My first sewing project completed

Well I've completed my first sewing project! I know its an easy project but nevertheless I'm pleased with it. I followed the instructions but one there is one thing I'm not sure about and wondered if there is anyone out there who would be able to shed some light on it for me....I read that I needed to go around the edges to do the zigzag stitch. The instructions said that I needed to do the zig zag and then cut the corners off to have a nice point when the cushion is turned the right way around. After doing the zig zag around the edge the stitch went right up to the corner so I had no corner to cut off. Should I have done the zigzag right next to the straight stitch? I'm a little confused by it. If someone could provide some advice I'd be grateful. All in all I'm please with the first project and looking forward to the next one!

9 July 2012

My first sewing project!

I'm just about to embark on my first sewing project!
I've never dabbled in sewing because at school I chose cooking. As I've got older I've found myself needing to alter trousers and skirts but have looked at them with a blank expression whilst getting hot under the collar. I feel sorry for my new husband each time he asks me to shorten his trousers and I have no real clue what to do! Sorry hubby.
Damn it, I feel its time I learnt.....I have some of the basics along with the all important beginners books so there's no excuse!

I found some scrap fabrics lying around so here goes. I'd love to say that I was going to make a lovely 1960s style dress but unfortunately it's going to be a bog standard square cushion. Boring I know but I feel its important to master the basics, yes, sewing in a straight line! It might seem easy to some of you but at the moment I get to differ. I'll keep you posted!

You never know, maybe one day I'll be making gorgeous garments like these: