25 September 2012

To swatch or not to swatch....?

Sometimes the swatch is a controversial subject between knitters! Which side do you fall on?.... or do you sit on the fence? I used to avoid the swatch with a very large pole but as I've become more advanced I hold the swatch up on a high pedestal! I've even come to accept that it is a vital part of the knitting process, especially where garments need to fit. My next project is going to be a chunky shrug by Isabell Kraemer.


I bought this lovely yarn and quickly cast on for the swatch! All too eagerly I had a very quick look at the label and saw the 30° symbol. An hour later when the washing machine had done it job disappointment hit me like a punch in the face! My swatch had come out half the original size and matted like a sheep that had been on the mountains all winter!
I scratched my head in confusion and went to find the yarn label.....I'd overlooked the vital bit hand wash at 30°!

Lesson learnt: READ THE LABEL!
The swatch is now blocked and I'm waiting for it to dry to cast cast on! Why do things seem to take forever when your waiting for them?

18 September 2012

New Pattern

Remember the blanket pattern I promised...? Here it is!
(Sorry for the quality of the photos)

It's a very easy pattern. Great for someone who is learning to knit or a quick gift you can whip up in no time.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out and think the colours are quite effective. I've knitted it for a baby due at the end of the month so I hope the expectant parents like it.

Click on the link for the pattern: Garter Stitch Blanket