9 October 2012

Another blanket

I've got another baby blanket to do....I thought I would get bored of bigger projects but I'm enjoying them at the moment. There's something to be said in the satisfaction of looking back at project and feeling smug at having completed it and being happy with the result. The best thing thought is giving it as a project and knowing the new owners appreciate the time you have spent on it.
I bought these little balls of delight the other day in Get Knitted in Bristol. There are oodles of colours in the range and they stock loads of them.
They're perfect for a blanket because they are quite cheap and good for machine washing; 'serviceable' as my granny would say. They are 50% acrylic and 50% polyamide. 
I can't wait to get started and I'll post the pattern when it's done; hhmmmm, I'm thinking good ol' granny stripes.... 

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