15 August 2012

Golden Hands

When my dad came to visit recently he presented me with a carrier bag and said, 'I've got a present for you'.
Like a kid at Christmas I opened the bag and started smiling. My step mum had sent me 5 original volumes of Golden Hands from the 70s. Her mother had collected them. With her passing away my step mum was sorting out her things and thought I might like them, hell yeah! If you haven't heard of these before they are collectors magazines from the 70s. They contain tons of patterns and general information on knitting, crochet, embroidery and dress making. I just love looking through old vintage patterns and conjuring up ideas of what people used to make.

These crochet patterns are so intricate and beautiful. I just hope one day I have the patience to give them a go...

I love these bishop sleeved tops. These will definitely be on my list of sewing projects. I think I need to keep mastering the basics first though....bring on the winter so I don't feel guilty sitting in front of the sewing machine all day.

I have also been told that there may be some big bags of wool coming my way! Can't wait, better start collecting some patterns I've wanted to do for ages!

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  1. I've got all of these too! My mum collected all of them and they are how I taught myself to knit! I used to go through all the dressmaking pages when I was about 15 and bookmarked where they all are :) Did you get the paper patterns with them too? That's the only bit I'm missing I think.

    Hope all is good with you and you're settling into married life! :) xx